Business Consulting
To endure, natural ecosystems – together with the critical services they provide - need to prove their economic, social and political case.
We design and build smart business plans for conservation areas, whether terrestrial or marine. Our approach uses commercial business and innovative institutional structures to support the long-term financial and ecological health of these natural environments. Our project areas range from single sites through to entire conservation landscapes and networks of protected areas.
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Innovative Finance
Across the globe, there is a chronic shortage of funding for nature conservation. Consequently, there is an urgent need for new private sector investment approaches to improve efficiency and supplement traditional public and philanthropic funding.
The accelerating trend for impact and ESG investing, coupled with new regulations targeting biodiversity management obligations, is creating new opportunities for conservation finance. We operate at the forefront of this field, researching, designing and incubating innovative financing mechanisms that raise and invest new capital into a range of progressive conservation projects and businesses.
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They are good people to brainstorm with. They drive innovation.
— Ray Victurine, Director of Conservation Finance, World Conservation Society