Lion cubs in Akagera National Park

The first lion cubs in several decades have been born in Rwanda’s Akagera national park. The oldest national park and only protected savannah region in the country, Akagera was decimated during the civil war. In 2010 African Parks entered into a joint management partnership with the Rwandan government.  In 2015 the partnership reintroduced 7 lions to the park and this week, a lioness was spotted with three cubs.  Two other lionesses are also believed to be pregnant and plans are in place to reintroduce black rhinos, making Akagera Rwanda’s only big five destination.  African Parks are one of the pioneers of public-private partnership models, an approach that combines the technical and financial expertise of a specialist conservation organization with the clear mandate of a government protected area management authority.  Conservation Capital helps a variety of conservation organisations across Africa to develop the business plans and corporate structures which ensure the success of such partnerships.