Conservation Tourism
We have lead or co-lead the development of over 50 different conservation focused ecotourism initiatives across Africa and Europe.  Many of these are now established businesses and brands, generating significant financial and non-financial support for high-profile conservation initiatives.  They have been nominated for 47 international awards, been a finalist in 26 and won 14 of them.  

Case Study: Developing Species-Driven Conservation Tourism: Great Apes in Central Africa

Conservation Agriculture
A combination of rapidly growing populations, inefficient farming techniques, wasteful consumption and associated food insecurity render agricultural production (including all forms of plant, livestock and fisheries) both a significant threat and opportunity for nature conservation – particularly in developing nations. We have been involved in a number of pioneering enterprises in response to these challenges.

Case Study: Innovations in Conservation Agriculture around High-Value Natural Landscapes in Tanzania & Zambia

Mainstream Commercial Businesses
Via our new partnership with Colombus Consulting in Paris, an emerging focus of our work is supporting larger businesses to build visionary natural capital agendas into their wider corporate development strategies. This is not just about corporate responsibility – its primarily about building corporate value by mitigating operational and regulatory risks, increasing access to finance, reducing costs of capital and responding to evolving consumer market demands and opportunities.


Conservation Capital principals have led the development and financing of more than 75 conservation enterprise initiatives in 25 countries.   

We develop business plans for national parks, reserves and conservancies to optimise revenue and streamline costs. Read more...

Conservation Capital has co-developed the first conservation enterprise investment vehicles in both Africa and Europe. Read more...