Generate Conservation Finance:  that directly supports the development or management of a conservation area or initiative, for example via lease, concession or entry fee structures; 

Build Conservation Incentives: by creating or increasing ownership of nature-based revenue flows to relevant stakeholders, typically local communities and public sector agencies;

Optimize Environmental Sustainability: by promoting sustainable alternatives to damaging commercial or livelihood activities that threaten critical natural resources;

Mitigate Habitat Conversion: by increasing the economic productivity of surrounding buffer areas to reduce the need for encroachment into core conservation landscapes and marine areas;

Stimulate Conservation Engagement: by facilitating educational and inspirational experiences with nature that foster increased engagement of relevant constituencies in its conservation.

As well as functioning as direct conservation tools, conservation enterprises also have a number of important wider strategic benefits:

Financial Sustainability: as commercial going concerns, conservation enterprises can generate conservation outcomes on a long-term, financially sustainable basis;

Funding Diversification:  conservation enterprises can be financed with investment capital that does not compete with overstretched public or philanthropic grant funding; 

Promoting Sustainable Values: the interaction with wide customer and supplier bases can make conservation enterprises very effective promoters of conservation messaging and values;

Enhanced Political Relevance: by using nature-based enterprises to create jobs, sustain rural livelihoods, generate taxes and generally contribute to the development of wider national economies and brands.

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