Northern Rangelands Trust, Kenya


Our Role: Pivotal to the management and strategic development of Northern Rangelands Trust during its most formative years, Conservation Capital principals were integral, as seconded staff, board members and technical experts, to the operational management, governance, institutional evolution and enterprise development of the Trust and its constituent community conservancies, creating revenue and benefit flows to over 100,000 people, and establishing the foundation for community conservancy expansion. 

Outcomes: Northern Rangelands Trust now represents and supports 27 community conservancies totaling an area of 31,000 km², equivalent in size to over 60% of Kenya’s formal protected area estate of national parks and reserves. These community conservancies are now seen as a benchmark for community-based conservation with the model enshrined under new wildlife conservation legislation in Kenya.  

Zambezi Region, Namibia


Our Role: Initiated and pioneered community-based conservation in the Zambezi Region (formerly Caprivi) with over 20 communities, and established Namibia’s second community conservancy.

Outcomes: There are now 13 registered community conservancies in the Zambezi Region forming a critical mosaic of wildlife conservation estate at the heart of the Zambezi Transfrontier Conservation Area, home to Africa’s largest elephant population. These conservancies are recognised leaders within the national community conservancy movement, which now comprises 82 community conservancies covering 161,900 km², more than doubling the protected area estate of Namibia in the last 20 years.